Killogy #3 (IDW) is IN STORES NOW!

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Killogy #3 (IDW) is IN STORES NOW!


Killogy #3 Comic Reviews…

Giant Fire Breathing Robot:
“This is a great comic. Alan Robert is one of the fresh voices of comics today… I hold him up with such creator-owned demi-Gods as Mike Mignola, Steve Niles, and Eric Powell.” Read Full Review >

Bloody Disgusting:
“One of the most original and unique comics you’ll ever lay your eyes on.” Read Full Review >

Horror Talk 5/5 Stars Review:
“Alan Robert comes in with Killogy and breathes new life into the zombie genre… he’s created a great story and backed it up with some dynamite art. And he’s not done yet!” Read Full Review >

The Lottery Party:
“The whole issue is flawless in every way.” Read Full Review >

Comic Monsters:
Killogy #3 is excellent and full of all the blood and guts and New York style verbal altercations we come to love and expect. Issue #3 is a must read for Killogy fans!” Read Full Review >

Official Killogy Website >


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