Life of Agony SELLS OUT Starland Ballroom in Advance!

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Life of Agony, the NY based metal-crossover cult favorite is back on the scene performing on several European festivals this summer with Marilyn Manson and Machine Head, and now a SOLD OUT headlining show at Starland Ballroom (Sayreville, NJ). Starland tickets sold out in one week’s time, months before the event. The group consists of the original River Runs Red line-up: Mina Caputo (formerly known as Keith Caputo) on Vocals, Joey Z on Guitar, Alan Robert on Bass, and Sal Abruscato on Drums. Sal’s other band “A Pale Horse Named Death” is main support on the show. For more details visit


Alan Robert’s ‘The Shunned One’ Comic Gets Big-Screen Adaptation

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The Coalition Group (sister firm of Radical Studios) has partnered with Wasted Talent Entertainment (Crawl to Me) to produce the Jack Reher (Grizzly, Corrosion) penned screenplay, based on Alan Robert’s forthcoming IDW comic series The Shunned One. Robert, along with his producing partners Chris White (V/H/S Viral) and Jeff Mazzola (Descent) round out Wasted Talent Entertainment. Glenn Allen, co-founder of Emmy-winning Brainstorm Digital (The Wolf of Wall Street, Boardwalk Empire) is also on board as VFX Supervisor.

The Shunned One centers on an angel of death who goes rogue after refusing to take innocent human lives. His actions alter balance in the universe, causing a chain reaction of unforeseen disasters. As a result, a pack of vengeful death angels are sent down to hunt him. He must hide amongst the humans while trying to undo the damage he’s done.

“To watch this thing take shape as a film, even before the comic is released, is pretty amazing,” says Robert. “I think what interests people most about the property is that it isn’t a typical, Biblical take on angels, whatsoever. It’s a whole new mythology. You’ve never seen angels like this anywhere before.”

An exclusive first-look at The Shunned One comic will hit stands this Halloween inside the back pages of Killogy, another IDW comic created by Robert. IDW Publishing expects to launch The Shunned One comic series in early 2015. The books are written and illustrated by Robert, with cover paintings by acclaimed Italian comics artist Francesco Mattina.

“We couldn’t be more excited about participating in bringing Alan’s vision to life,” said Johnny Wunder, The Coalition Group’s Director of Development. “In combination with Jack’s writing and Alan’s imagination I think The Shunned One will give us a unique, grounded look at The Guardian Angel.”

The Shunned One marks Robert’s third property to be adapted in recent months. Rodar Y Rodar (The Orphanage) will produce Crawl to Me with Wasted Talent Entertainment as a live-action feature, with Victor Garcia (The Damned) attached to direct a screenplay written by TJ Cimfel and David White (V/H/S Viral), and award-winning writer/producer Rodney Barnes (The Boondocks, Everybody Hates Chris) is currently developing Killogy as an animated television series.


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