Life of Agony Makes a Triumphant Return with ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain’

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Life of Agony ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain’ Album Reviews

“One of the Most Anticipated Albums of the Year!”—ROLLING STONE

“Life Of Agony’s return is set to blow you away!”—KERRANG!

“One of the best rock albums of the year!”—STENCIL

“Life of Agony have reinvented themselves and returned with A Place Where There’s No More Pain, an alternative hard rock record that features the group’s strongest material since their debut!“—REVOLVER

“Comeback Album of the Year? Very well possible!”—METAL HAMMER (DE)

“A true return to form which will satisfy the hunger of their loyal fan-base whilst recruiting newbies along the way. It’s great to have them back!”—VIVE LE ROCK

“Life of Agony in 2017 is clearly the most comfortable they have ever been in their own skin.”–THE MONOLITH

10/10 REVIEW! “This is a stunning comeback with Life Of Agony producing their finest album to date…one of the best hard rock albums of 2017!”–METAL ON LOUD MAGAZINE

9/10 Review: “One of the absolute highlights of the year!”–CLASSIC ROCK

“Life of Agony have always done exactly what they have wanted to do and never really paid any heed to what has been expected of them…and their evolution has been fascinating, even more so when you consider that there hasn’t been a wrong step along the way.”–ECHOES AND DUST


BEST METAL ALBUMS OF THE WEEK: “LOA drive their sound back into the big, bloody heart of the 90s. Opener ‘Meet Your Maker’ is a growling, full-throttle belter with dissonant vocal harmonies that recall ‘Dirt’-era Alice In Chains.”–METAL HAMMER

4.8/5 Stars Review: “A masterpiece of harmony and heavy riffs…They have surpassed all expectations…It is easily their best!”–SKULLS N BONES

90/100 Review: “A Place Where There’s No More Pain is a very strong album…with a thick wink to the past and beautiful songs.”–ROCKMUZINE

9/10 Review: “A Place Where There’s No More Pain is an album full to the brim with hulking great grooves…and Caputo, delves deep into her heart and soul to put in the kind of performance that few vocalists in the metal genre can come close to.”–PURE GRAIN AUDIO

“This is a Life Of Agony album. It’s what you want from them and what they deliver very well…They have the ability to make you want to break down in tears one moment, before wanting to spin kick your way around a dance floor the next.”–PUNKTASTIC

4/5 REVIEW: “An emotional rollercoaster of an album!”–BATTLE HELM

“With A Place Where There’s No More Pain…LOA made an album that combines everything the band is known for, with a sound that fits their maturity as artists.”–POWER OF METAL

91.6/100 REVIEW: ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain’ is full of everything I shamelessly adore about Life of Agony…I dig EVERY SINGLE TRACK!”–GEEK FURIOUS

9/10 Review: “One of the absolute highlights of the year!”–CLASSIC ROCK

“A Place Where There’s No More Pain is a genuine return packed with more heat than Iron Man!”–SOUNDSCAPE

“‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain’ is for everyone, and what I mean by that is that everyone has a song that they can relate to. It goes from a song about being abused to the feeling of being nothing more than worthless. All the songs tell different stories yet they fit perfectly like a cold beer on a beautiful Sunday night.”–METAL NEXUS

“IMPRESSIVE RETURN! I have a clear recommendation for purchase!”—HANDWRITTEN MAGAZINE (DE)

“A successful record? Yes. A real come back? Of course. ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain’ allows Life Of Agony to impose themselves again on the scene they conquered years ago, but also to increase their influence.”–ACTA INFERNALIS

9.5/10 REVIEW: “This record is an emotional juggernaut that has no filler. With 10 songs that are instant classics, the album represents a heartfelt tour-DE-force sure to resonate with anyone, whether you are an old-school head, or just discovering the band for the first time.”–GHOST CULT MAGAZINE

“Life of Agony continue following their own muse and not giving a single f@ck what anyone has to say. That’s the Life of Agony we all know and love, and I’m happy to see that version make a triumphant return.”—ANGRY METAL GUY

“So cool and addictive that when it came to an end you want some more!”–METALLUS REVIEW (ITALY)

9/10 Review: “A fantastic and timeless hard rock album, which is one of the best in this genre.”—HEAVY METAL (DK)

4.5/5 Review: “A Place Where There’s No More Pain is definitely a hot contender for the comeback of the year!”–COUNT YOUR BRUISES

“A Place Where There’s No More Pain – a perfect Life Of Agony album title if ever there was one – has everything you want and expect from these veterans…from the very start, a number of things quickly become clear, first of which is that Life Of Agony are not fucking about with this release!”–WORSHIP METAL

9.5/10 REVIEW! “Life of Agony is back in a big bad way. This is the album we have been waiting for. ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain’ showcases everything that made the band so great in the first place.”-THE NOISE PROJECT (UK)

“These are riffy, catchy, beautifully crafted hard rock songs that provide the platform for a terrific vocal performance and some of the most undeniable choruses we’ve heard in a while. If it’s songwriting chops you’re after this week, look no further than this record.”–THIS DECAY


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